Omega Swimbait Casting Rod 8′ Ex-Heavy, Mod-Fast Action 17-40#

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  • Applications: Heavy Swimbaits, Alabama Rigs, Umbrella Rigs
  • Blank Color: Hand-Sanded Naked Graphite
  • Length: 8′
  • Pieces: 1
  • Handle: 17.25″ from Butt to Trigger
  • Line: 17-40lb.
  • Lure: 2-8oz.
  • Power: Extra-Heavy
  • Action: Mod-Fast

The Leviathan Omega series is optimized to meet the needs of the most demanding swimbait anglers. Our lightweight, high-modulus blanks offer the ideal combination of sensitivity, durability, and backbone needed for casting, working your bait, burying the hookset, and battling your prey of choice. With double-footed Fuji guides, full-length  grips, and double-locking reel seats, the Omega offers the highest available quality from grip to tip.

  • Gary Loomis’ North Fork Composites blanks designed exclusively for Leviathan Rods. Made in America with their lightweight yet durable LMX PSI technology
  • Full-Length EVA Grips with Dragon Scale shrink wrap for superior durability, balance, and casting leverage
  • Fuji anti tangle K-Series guides in BC Frosted Dark – Grey finish on top of Stainless Steel with Alconite Center
  • ALPS Double Locking Reel Seats
  • Due to supply chain issues, actual parts or part colors may differ from rod pictures or descriptions
  • Made in America with Original Leviathan handcrafted design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Due to supply chain issues, actual parts or part colors may differ from pictures and/or descriptions

About NFC PSI Blank Materials and Technology

Our LMX-PSI is often referred to as “high modulus” by other manufacturers, but we know that there are many “high modulus” materials, some higher than others. It’s one of the main reasons we are steering away from talking about modulus in any of our material descriptions. This durable yet sensitive aerospace Toray carbon-fiber offers the best of both worlds. Combining resilience and sensitivity, this material is a crowd-pleaser.

Premium Toray fiber is combined with a proprietary resin system with a unique design spec to drive LMX-PSI. This is quickly becoming a preferred choice due to the perfect balance of weight, performance, and affordability.

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41 reviews for Omega Swimbait Casting Rod 8′ Ex-Heavy, Mod-Fast Action 17-40#

  1. Benjamin Linnell

    Unbelievable rod. Extremely light and sensitive with world class craftsmanship. Best swimbait rods on the market.

  2. Alexander Occhiuto

    You need this rod. EXTREMELY VERSATILE. Awesome action and great backbone. The dual twist lock on the reel seat is rock solid. No wobble or constant re-tightening. All guides have held up after months of kayak fishing.

  3. Tony Archuleta

    Probably one of the lightest XH swimbait rods you’ll find, unbelievable craftsmanship, amazing detail, can sling those big baits a mile. Can wait to buy another in a heavy mid heavy for some smaller baits!

  4. Anonymous

    I haven’t had a chance to use the rod yet but it seems very well made and of much better quality than many other ‘off the shelf’ swimbait rods.

  5. River Davis

    Absolutely amazing rod, great craftsmanship. Very light for an XH Rod, and extremely accurate. If you want an 8ft Rod that let’s you throw a Deps 250 with ease, this is the Swimbait Rod you have been waiting for.

  6. james

    great rod I am loving it so far. light weight well balanced and looks great. I definitely will be picking up another in the future

  7. Ryan Burzalow

    Absolutely love the rod. Couldn’t be more pleased, happy customer and will be a repeat customer!

  8. Dwayne Winn (verified owner)

    One of the Best Big Bait rods one can own and super attractive

  9. Kirk Y.

    If you are looking for a swimbait rod or to cast anything heavy look no further this is it! Awesome rod!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My first custom swimbait rod & was blown away by the craftsmanship in the rod, would definitely do business with again!

  11. Lee F. (verified owner)

    It’s rated to 8 ounces but a deps 250 puts a lot of bend in the rod, so if your dedicating a rod for a 250 get the xxh. The rod is great with baits like the drt k9 and wcz citizen 7, loads up perfectly and launches the baits. The rod is super light and sensitive, lighter than any phenix i’ve owned. Definitely recommend this rod over any other swimbait rod out there, now i just have to stick a pig with this stick.

  12. JAMES (verified owner)

    I love this rod! I have two now and use them for my treble hook baits. They cast the baits extremely well, handles are the perfect length, overall the rod feels well balanced. I’ve caught fish up to 8lbs on them so far and they have plenty of power for a good hookset and the bend keeps the fish pinned!

  13. Ryan A. (verified owner)

    By far the best rod I’ve ever owned, it far exceeded my expectations. Look forward to getting a couple more.

  14. David Brown (verified owner)

    The rod is a work of art and feels amazing in the hand.

  15. Paul L. (verified owner)

    Best swimbait rod in the game. The XH allows me to throw my swimbait over 70 yards

  16. ivan (verified owner)

    This rod is awesome! I got the ex-heavy and it’s amazing! Great treble hook bait and soft baits this rod has the back bone to keep the fish pinned!

  17. Morgan Zuhn (verified owner)

    The rod is super sensitive and it handles baits well.

  18. Sawyer (verified owner)

    Excellent build quality and attention to detail. This rod is what I consider a true Mod-fast action and takes a lot of the work out of casting big swimbaits.

  19. Gabriel Schiffner (verified owner)

    I had ordered the omega heavy. The first time I used it didn’t even catch a fish on it I came home and got the ex heavy I am in love and will continue to use these great rods!!!

  20. Jake B. (verified owner)

    Best rod I’ve used. Super light and launches big baits with ease

  21. Pao saetern (verified owner)

    Love this rod! Way lighter then it looks.

  22. Roger DiEnno (verified owner)

    Super smooth rod, can launch a big bait with ease!

  23. Eugene McCracken (verified owner)

    Super strong back bone best rods in the business hands down

  24. Aaron A. (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast. Already caught my PB in the rod! Was fishing off a boardwalk & had to boat flip a 6lb fish 12ft outta the water over a rail. Worked like a charm! Great rod, awesome people. Leviathan for the win.

  25. Jose Soto (verified owner)

    2nd rod purchased. Leviathan rods are the best rods in the market! really recommend you purchasing one!

  26. Mike Laughlin (verified owner)

    Amazing rod!
    My X heavy has become my go-to, do it all swimbait stick.
    From small glides and wakes to K9’s, 250’s, and various soft baits, it has performed flawlessly.
    I’m very impressed (and I’m not easily impressed 😁).
    Thank you folks at Leviathan for producing a well balanced, lightweight, quality product.
    Hmmm… maybe an XXH will be next?

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)


  28. Robert B. (verified owner)

    I could not believe how light this rod was. I have used swimbait rods from many different makers and brands, and they were all pretty heavy. It would get difficult tossing big baits all day. Not with this rod. Not only is it light weight, it is incredibly sensitive. My hook up ratio, and the amount of fish I landed increased. This rod is the perfect balance between a parabolic bend, and still having enough backbone to drive hooks home. I can bomb heavy glide baits, and also make short, accurate casts tight to cover with this rod. The long handle helps with extra leverage for controlling big baits and big fish. Could not recommend this rod enough!

  29. Daniel Hermes (verified owner)

    Excellent rod! Does an amazing job of keeping fish pinned.

  30. Brent Kephart (verified owner)

    I have used the rod twice at this point. So far I have thrown my larger baits without effort and it is much less tiring. I have hit one 4 lb fish on an A-rig and had no problems hooking or landing. Thanks again Leviathan, I am looking forward to spending long days on the lake with this awesome piece of equipment.

  31. Heather F. (verified owner)

    Arrived earlier than scheduled, which made this gift to my son for xmas a great reaction! Thank you

  32. Andrew Gross (verified owner)


  33. Evan Leeper (verified owner)

    The first guide from the reel seat isn’t lined up with the other guides. I cannot get a clear picture to send. Also a couple of guides are sideways on the center line of the blank.

  34. Andrew (verified owner)

    Haven’t fished it yet, if it’s anything like your other rods I know I’ll be stoked on it. Thanks for make badass rods!

  35. Andrew (verified owner)

    Best rod in the game! I don’t know how you can have a lighter, better balanced swimbait rod than this one.

  36. Thomas Calpin (verified owner)

    Love my all three of my Leviathan rods got a heavy and XH omega for Treble hook baits and a Softswim Silver for softbaits. Awesome rods Made in the USA!!

  37. Jason Byard (verified owner)

    All around 10/10 experience with the Leviathan Rods company as a whole and when it comes to the rod itself as far as I’ve seen it’s unmatched in it’s weight class! I would Highly recommend it!

  38. jordan aguiar (verified owner)

    Best rod in the game !

    Image #1 from jordan aguiar
  39. Nic Teague (verified owner)

    Sick rods for the serious swimbait angler

  40. Jay (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for to throw my swim baits.

  41. Eric Bastin (verified owner)

    Rod is killer. I have used practically every major premium brand over MANY years. Most rod brands don’t really understand how to build rods that chunk 6 oz. swimbaits and have good fishability.

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